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GEDANKENtanken - Keynote speaker - Rednernacht - Anja Förster

GEDANKENtanken – This year’s first English Rednernacht

Thank you GEDANKENtanken for having me at this year’s first English Rednernacht. Being tasked with the responsibility of inspiring a room full of achievers is no easy feat but I think it worked out really well. I had a lot of fun and it was my pleasure to spend the evening with you.

My topic: Zero gravity thinking. Viewing what’s changing through the lens of what already is – that’s a sure way to become obsolete. The more we pay attention to information that supports our worldview, the less we learn and the greater the danger that we’ll be surprised by the future: „We didn’t see that coming! How on earth did that happen?“ When it comes to disruptive change, there’s much that we cannot imagine, simply because we are prisoners of our old belief systems. That’s why we need to cultivate zero-gravity thinking: Look for disconfirming evidence and for information that doesn’t fit our long-held beliefs. In fact, we should populate organizations with more zero-gravity thinkers who are not weighed down by the way things have always been done.

Here’s the video of my talk.